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About Our Toys

Where do your toys come from?

Around the globe! We are constantly looking for and promoting sustainable wooden toy makers to residents in Malaysia.


Why sustainable wooden toys?

Not only do crafted wooden toys support artisans and craftsman, they are also better for the environment when compared to plastic toys. The fine wooden toys we curate also embody their sourced locations based on their material. We believe this is a crafts industry worth supporting and growing with.

The design of our picked wooden toys also promote high quality play!


What does high-quality play look like?

The elegant, understated designs of toys we feature in this store are chosen for their open-endedness, adaptable to whatever narrative and adventure your little one conjures from their minds. A tiny wooden figure may be a farmer, a warrior, a doctor, or a loved one.

As opposed to toys with preset blips and sounds and constrained shapes, our simple, handmade toys are the conduit to your child’s imagination: be it a stroll in the forest, a village festival, or an epic adventure.


Are your toys safe?

Toys should be fun AND safe! Our manufacturing partners run tests on all products in their own laboratories to guarantee the highest safety standards.